Bone Zipper

Our company, which sells zippers and zipper accessories, adopts a quality and affordable sales policy. Nice Zipper aims to provide you with the best service by including the products of the zipper types you need with its wide product range. We meet the demands of our customers with the wholesale opportunity of zippers, which are widely used in many sectors, and the production of high quality zippers. Zipper types are divided into three according to the material used during their production. One of them is the bone zipper.

bone zipper; It is produced using poly-acetal raw material. A bone zipper is obtained by injecting poly-acetal material into the zipper tape. Bone zipper models have a rich product variety with different color and model options. Bone tooth zippers are generally suitable for products such as coats, raincoats, tracksuits, baby and children’s clothes. Bone zipper types differ according to tooth width. The bone zipper tooth widths are as follows; It is a TYPE 3 bone zipper with a width of 4.40-4.50 mm, a TYPE 9 bone zipper with a width of 7.80-7.90 mm, and a TYPE 9 bone zipper with a width of 8.50-8.60 mm.

Zippers, which are widely used in different sectors, are basically divided into three as bottom zipper, separate zipper and combi zipper according to the product structure. Bone zipper models, just like zippers, are divided into bottom bone zippers, separate bone zippers and combi bone zippers. From Nice Zipper, where you can find bone zipper types, you can examine the K3 separate zipper, K6 separate zipper, K10 separate zipper, K3 combi zipper, K10 combi zipper, K3 bottom zipper, K3 O type zipper and K10 bottom zipper models. With wholesale zipper sales, you can buy the bone zipper type you want at affordable prices.

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