Hidden Zipper


Hidden Zipper Types

Concealed zipper is a type of zipper where the toothed part is under the tape. Zipper teeth are made of polyester or plastic raw material as in nylon zippers. Hidden zippers have different usage areas, primarily in the clothing industry. While the hidden zipper is used in products such as skirts, shirts, dresses, evening dresses, and abayas in the clothing sector, it is also used as home textile products such as duvet cover, pillowcase, quilt cover zipper. In addition to the clothing industry, we can also use hidden zippers for bags, suitcases and tent products. Hidden zipper types are used in areas where the teeth component of the zipper is not obvious and should not attract attention. You need to determine the features of the hidden zipper types according to the product you will use. You can find hidden zippers in two different models as hidden tulle nylon zipper and hidden woven nylon zipper.

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