History of Zipper


Gideon Sundback, known as the developer of the zipper, was born in Sweden in 1880. Gideon Sundback graduated from the electrical engineering department in Germany and started his working life.

Gideon Sundback made great strides by working on zippers in a company called Talos between 1906 and 1914. He took the work of engineers who worked in the zipper field one step further, such as Elias Howe, Max Wolff, and Whitcomb Judson. Sundback, which made a great contribution to the development of zipper, made it in a machine that provides zipper production. He was awarded a gold medal in engineering by the Royal Swedish Academy.

The word “Detachable Fastener” and the first zipper were patented by Gideon Sundback.

Gideon Sundback died of a heart attack in 1954 with his numerous innovations in the zipper field.

Zipper is among the industrial products that we use most in our daily life.

History of Zipper