Metal Zipper


Our company, which sells zippers, offers zipper types that are widely used in different sectors, especially in ready-made clothing, with reasonable prices and wholesale zipper sales. Our company, which includes zipper types with its wide product range, is at a level to meet all your needs in the zipper sector. One of the zipper types that we sell wholesale zippers is metal zipper.

Metal Zipper is a type of zipper that is produced using different types of metal with teeth parts and is widely used in many areas. Metal zipper options are divided into copper metal zipper, brass metal zipper, brass tin metal zipper, alpaca nickel oxide metal zipper, brass oxide metal zipper, alpaca metal zipper, aluminum metal zippers. Metal zipper types can be divided into different categories according to the width of their teeth. Metal zipper types; TYPE 2 metal zipper 3.50-3.60 mm, TYPE 5 metal zipper 5.80-6.00 mm, TYPE 2 metal zipper 3.50-3.60 mm, TYPE 8 metal zipper 8.10-8.20 mm, TYPE 4 metal zipper 4.45-4.55 mm and TYPE 10 metal zipper 8.50 It has a width of -8.60 mm.

Metal zippers are more resistant to stone and acid washing than other zipper models. Therefore, it is widely used in jeans, leather, sportswear and many other sectors.

Metal zipper models are divided into three main categories as separate metal zipper, bottom metal zipper and combi metal zipper. The main categories have their own sub-categories. While metal bottom zippers are divided into two as bottom single slider zipper and bottom double slider zipper, there are bottom metal zipper models as M4 bottom zipper, M5 bottom zipper and M8 bottom zipper. Separate metal zipper models are divided into M4 separate zippers, M5 separate zippers and M8 separate zippers. Finally, combi metal zipper models are diversified as M5 combi zippers and M8 combi zippers. You can buy separe zippers, bottom zippers and combi zippers at discounted prices from Nice Zipper, which sells wholesale zippers.

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