Nylon Zippers

Nice Zipper, which sells zipper models and zipper accessories, is engaged in wholesale zipper sales with its wide product range and quality service approach. In addition to the zippers it produces, it also represents zipper brands. We offer wholesale zipper sales to our customers in a convenient and high quality way. The types of zippers in the product range of Nice zipper; metal zipper, bone zipper and nylon zipper. Nylon zipper models and product features are as follows;


Nylon Zipper is a zipper model that is produced by using plastic or polyester raw materials in the zipper teeth. According to the raw material it is produced, it is divided into two as polyester nylon zipper and plastic nylon zipper. Nylon zipper is widely used in baby wear, children’s wear and women’s wear, which are mostly light fabric clothes. If we separate nylon zippers according to tooth width; 4.00-4.20 mm TYPE 5 nylon zipper, 4.90-5.00 mm TYPE 7 nylon zipper, 5.90-6.00 mm TYPE 10 nylon zipper, 6.30-6.40 mm TYPE 11 nylon zipper.

We see that zipper models are widely used in many sectors. Zippers, which are widely used and basic usage products, are divided into three main models. These; separate zipper, combi zipper and bottom zipper. These main zipper models are also divided into types. In our company, which sells wholesale zippers, bottom zippers are divided into bottom single slider zippers and bottom double slider zippers. You can meet your needs of bottom nylon zipper, separate nylon zipper and combi nylon zipper from Nice Zipper, which sells zippers. You can order the zipper model you need from our company, which sells wholesale zippers, from the types of nylon zippers that are produced according to different specifications, such as bottom nylon zipper, hidden zipper, O type nylon zipper, water-repellent nylon zipper, type nylon zipper and separate nylon zipper.

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