Things to pay attention


When choosing a zipper type, you should pay attention to the weight and thickness of your fabric. You should not choose heavy fabrics for your thin type zippers.

Zippers made of metal oxide give color after washing. Therefore, you should not use metal oxide zippers on light-colored fabrics and clothing.

Hidden zippers are not very durable in terms of structure, so they are not recommended for use in tight clothing.

Special locked zippers are mostly preferred for baby and children's clothes.

Things to pay attention
Things to pay attention


Before using zippered products, we should do a trial wash. When a chemical effect is applied, it may not be possible to repair the zippered product. After applying the chemical treatment, the rinsing and drying processes of the zipper should be continued until there is no residue.

When sewing hidden zippers to the product to be used, the special apparatus attached to the sewing machine should be used.

When sewing zippers to products such as boots, shoes, boots, bags, glue etc. You should be careful that the materials do not come into contact with the teeth parts of the zipper.

Sewing should be done by leaving gaps so as not to prevent the cursor from moving during zipper sewing.

The zippers to be applied should be kept in the packaging and in a non-humid environment during waiting.

In Separe and Combi zipper models with separated wings, you should make sure that the same zipper model matches the same products during sewing.


Products with zippers can be washed at temperatures between 30 °C and 50 °C. Before washing the products, the zipper cursor should be fixed and washed upside down.

In order to use your zippers for a long time, you should open them completely during dressing or taking off. Thus, the load will not be loaded on a single zipper tooth.

Things to pay attention