Printed Zipper

Printed Zipper


Printed Zipper Models

The printed zipper ensures that the zipper is not noticed in the area where it is used. Thanks to the high quality pattern printing made with the ‘Picta’ technique on the zipper, it provides integrity in the products it is used. Printed zipper models are used especially in products that require zippers and have patterns. Printed zippers; It is produced by special digital printing on the strip part of nylon zipper and metal zipper models.

The pattern determined according to the wishes of companies and people is made on nylon zipper or metal zipper. Since there is a print on the strip part of the zipper, it provides integrity with the product, while the toothed part of the zipper comes to the inside. As Nice Zipper, we produce printed zippers in the pattern and length you want.

You can safely use the printed zipper. The first thing that comes to mind when using a printed zipper is the reaction of the zipper after washing. Printed zippers are no different from other zipper types. When the zipper is washed considering the washing reactions, the pattern prints on it are not deformed in any way and can be used easily. When we look at the usage areas of printed zippers, they are mostly used in stylish clothes. In addition to stylish clothes such as evening dresses, wedding dresses, abayas, hoodies, sweatshirts, jeans and so on. It is also used in sportswear.

It is a great advantage for companies that printed zippers can be used easily in all areas and are not noticed. In stylish products, you can have the pattern you want printed on the zipper so that the zipper does not spoil the general appearance. Nice Zipper, which produces high quality printed zippers and zipper types, sells wholesale zippers at affordable prices. You can contact us to buy printed zipper prices with wholesale zipper prices.

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